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Thousands Spell ‘Resist’ On San Francisco Beach

February 12, 2017

by Caleb Pershan : sfist – excerpt


Brad Newsham on Facebook

“When I first started organizing these, the park service was leery of me,” Newsham says. “As they should be — I was calling for the impeachment and the imprisonment of their bosses… I had to go through a lot of hoops.”

Newsham estimates that today’s attendance was more than 4,000. In the past, he’s advertised that overflow attendees could form an underline beneath his messages. That’s never happened before, and Newsham calls the wording “optimistic.” But this time, there were more people in the underline than at any of his previous events, Newsham believes… (more)

Proud to live in San Francisco today.

Thousands of anti-Trump protesters gather on San Francisco beach and spell out ‘RESIST!!’
    •    The peaceful protest took place on Ocean Beach Friday morning
•    It was organized by Oakland resident Brad Newsham, 65
•    Since 2006, Newsham has organized a dozen similar events in California

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