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No love lost between San Francisco and Marin Summer of Love producer

February 19, 2017

by Paul Liberatore : marinij – excerpt

It’s been a bitter winter for the Summer of Love.

Plans for the 50th anniversary celebration of San Francisco’s hippie history have been marred by a conflict between the city and Mill Valley producer Boots Hughston, whose permit for a free June 4 concert on the Golden Gate Park Polo Fields to celebrate 1967’s Summer of Love was denied last week by a unanimous vote of the recreation and parks commission.

The day after the decision, based on rec and park staff’s “serious concerns” about security, park protection and disruption of the neighborhood, Hughston was exploring other options, including resubmitting his application for a permit, moving the concert to another location or, as a more drastic step, filing a lawsuit against the city to get its ruling overturned…(more)

We knew the Park and Rec Department lost its soul, but really guys? At a time when the entire planet needs love and reassurance that American traditions are sacrosanct and our resolve to protect them is intact, how can you nix the FREE 50h Anniversary Summer of Love concert where it all started in Gold Gate Park? Are you selling your favors out for highest profit? All those devlelopment fees and taxes and bonds you get are not enough to feed your insatiable appetite for money? This concert is gift to a fading memory of good times that many want to keep alive. Are you putting a price tag on that?


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