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Has America lost its taste for risk and does it matter

March 1, 2017

charlierose – excerpt (video included)

Tyler Cowen interview on on Charlie Rose program 2, 27 2017

Is caution and conformity hurting the economy?  Tyler Cowen seems to think America has lost its appetite for taking risks and settled into a comfortable complacency that is slowing productivity and will lead to a major shifts in our culture.

In his new book, The Complacent Class, Cowen investigate the sociological effects of this malaise. He believes Americans are becoming to cautious. We are busy fighting over gentrification of  neighborhoods and pushing people out, instead of expanding the pie.  Politics has reduced itself to slicing the small pie and spreading it thinner.

Tyler is concerned about the effects this socioeconomic shift has on society as it effects the economy. He does a good job of describing and analyzing the problem, but appears to have no immediate solution to the problem,. His reasoning is eerily similar to our own.  Watch the video and see what you think. Cowen’s site contains links to his many articles:

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