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Hundreds of Thousands of California Residents Exposed to Contaminated Water

March 4, 2017

By Stephen Stock : nbcbayarea – excerpt (includes video)

Nearly 1 million people don’t have access to safe, reliable drinking water according to new data from California’s State Water Resources Control Board


Shot this in 2014 on a trip up Route 5. I guess things have not improved since then.

The latest data from California’s Water Resources Control Board show 700,000 Californians are currently being exposed to contaminated water at home or at school.

Because the state data doesn’t account for the nearly 2 million Californians still relying on private wells or factor in contamination from Chromium-6, experts say the number of people with toxic water is likely even higher.

In addition to those with contaminated water, another 3,511 California households reported having wells that are still dry according to state data released in January, 2017.

The vast majority of those wells are located in California’s Central Valley, in places like Tulare County, Madera County, and Stanislaus County…

State data shows 292 different California water systems currently contain levels of contaminants so high they violate safe drinking water standards. The true number is likely higher considering the state data doesn’t factor in communities with Chromium-6 in their drinking water, or other contaminants such as “1,2,3-TCP”, a chemical that will soon be given a maximum contaminant level under California’s drinking water standards…

Click here for a description of each contaminant and the possible health effects associated with long-term exposure. For more details, visit the state’s Human Right to Water Portal(more)

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