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How many ways are US citizens open to surveillance and scrutiny and how many protections are at risk now?

March 27, 2017

Art by Zrants

You may have one day to stop Congress from giving away your web browsing history – Time to make some calls.
Check out the bill: H.J.Res.86 – “Protecting the Privacy of Customers of Broadband and Other Telecommunications Services” to see how the FCC could nullify the rule that protects our privacy on the world wide web.

We are recorded on public streets, and on public transportation systems, and in many public buildings as we come and go. Our vehicles are scanned as they go through access points on bridges and some streets. We are possibly wiretapped and if the FCC does as expected, our data history will become fair game for anyone who wants to pay for it. It may be too late, but you can try stopping the FCC by contacting your representatives in Washington and the president to oppose the changes the FCC may allow on the world wide web.

In California we also have to worry about AB-342 the Automatic Speed ticket camera bill authored by David Chiu. Contact the Privacy and Consumer Protection Committee to let them know you oppose the expansion of surveillance cameras on our streets and the retention of data and management of that data at a time when San Francisco and California are both considering how to protect our citizens:


Sample Message: Please vote no on AB-342. The people of SF and San Jose oppose any further experiments such as AB-342 on our streets. We do not need any more surveillance of our citizens. We are very concerned about establishing boundaries of privacy when we are living in a world of changing policies and procedures. Expanding surveillance of our citizens as we are claiming we are a sanctuary city and state makes no sense. There is no way we can predict how this data may be used in the future or any way to protect the identities of people caught up in this manner from falling into the wrong hands.

A petition you may sign:


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