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Federal Court Rules That Trump May Have Incited Violence At Kentucky Rally

April 3, 2017

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In Kentucky, United States District Court Judge David J. Hale has ruled that President Donald Trump’s statements at a campaign rally could be viewed as incitement to violence.  At a March 2016 rally, Trump told supporters to :get ’em out of here” in reference to protesters. Supporters proceeded to assault protesters Henry Brousseau, Kashiya Nwanguma, and Molly Shah who filed this action.  Hale rejected the claims that the lawsuit violates President Trump’s free speech protections.  They are suing for incitement to riot, vicarious liability, and negligence.

Defense counsel argued that Trump was exercising his free speech in calling for the removal of the protesters.  However, Judge Hale that the violence occurred immediately after Trump’s worlds and that “it is plausible that Trump’s direction to ‘get ‘em out of here’ advocated the use of force.” The court described Trump’s words as “an order, an instruction, a command.” Accordingly, if Trump is viewed as inciting violence, the words would lose their protections under the First Amendment….(more)


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