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Pelosi Partisans: The Leader’s town hall

April 5, 2017

Po-Ed By David Carlos Salaverry : sfexaminer – excerpt

On Aug. 17, 2011, Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi helped kick off the Occupy Movement at Oakland’s Acts Full Gospel Church. The violent  protests months later may have given her second thoughts, when the Obama administration inexorably had to pull the trigger on a Homeland Security crackdown on the encampments the following winter. It is hard to believe Pelosi was not consulted.

So how did Pelosi help kick off Occupy weeks before Zucotti Park, Oakland’s Frank Ogawa Plaza and Justin Herman Plaza? With a trademark “town hall tour,” duplicated recently at Balboa High School.

Pelosi is a political rock star, with a narrow, partisan, geographically localized following. At the Balboa High event, mostly older, white and predominantly female acolytes were passionately supportive. Small heart-shaped pink paper cutouts with “Love you Nancy!” and “Happy Birthday Nancy” signs were everywhere. However, nationally Pelosi was polling 49.8 percent negative to 28.2 percent positive last December, no doubt far higher where it counts: in her home town…

In 2011, though the issue was the intense economic pain three years after the Great Recession and a recalcitrant GOP congress, this time it was the debacle of the 2016 election and the orange GOP monster. However, the crowd was far less respectful.

Three quarters were Pelosi partisans, but the minority was vocal. All of the questions on health care were strongly in support of a single-payer system. But Pelosi ducked and dodged, told rambling anecdotes, changed the subject and never answered with specificity. Those favoring single-payer interrupted, shouting her down several times. But on Russia, there were no opposing speakers. Instead, several leading questions allowed Pelosi and Congressmember Jackie Spier to throw huge chunks of chum to the partisan sharks. This is when it got interesting and — as it did at Acts Full Gospel in 2011 — dangerous… (more)

Good reason to avoid handing over more power to Washington or Sacramento. They don’t listen to us. Watch those state bills that attempt to remove local controls.

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