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Marin gearing up for Plan Bay Area revisions

April 24, 2017

By Richard Halstead : marinij – excerpt

When Plan Bay Area was adopted in 2013, opponents in Marin were so numerous they had to charter a 48-seat bus to get everyone to the meeting.

Now four years later, officials are preparing to update the long-range transportation and land-use/housing blueprint for the nine-county Bay Area. This time around, however, the process is expected to generate far less controversy since the revised plan will impose no new demands on Marin to rezone to accommodate new housing…

Plan Bay Area is the product of state legislation passed in 2008. SB 375 requires two regional government agencies — MTC and the Association of Bay Area Governments — to adopt a plan that integrates transportation, land use and housing to meet greenhouse gas reduction targets set by the California Air Resources Board.

Plan Bay Area seeks to channel a majority of the Bay Area’s housing and job growth into “priority development areas.” These are areas typically located along existing traffic corridors, near mass transit, jobs, shopping and other services that have been identified and approved by local cities or counties for future growth… (more)

This is where Plan Bay Area loses touch with reality in a way that causes the public to question the validity of the argument for it. The claim is that the purpose for the plan is to ” to meet greenhouse gas reduction targets.”  The goal says nothing about increasing density or housing and jobs. All it says is reduce greenhouse gasses. As Thomas Rubin pointed out at the infamous THE GREAT DEBATE! “Plan Bay Area” San Rafael, we have pretty much already reached those goals. The industry has created cleaner fuels and much more efficient engines that use a lot less fuel, and we also have renewable fuel vehicles and more are on the way. The growth factor has nothing to do with reducing greenhouse gasses, but everything to do with benefiting developers and wealthy landowners. That is why the citizens of Marin revolted. They were not buying the plan because it made no sense.

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