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It’s official: Leno is running for mayor

May 7, 2017

By Tim Redmond : 48hills – excerpt

Announcement surprises no one — so who else is going to get into the race, and what will Leno’s platform be?

The 2019 mayor’s race formally began today when former state Sen. Mark Leno did what everyone had been expecting for months and pulled papers to run…

However, Leno’s staff handed out a list of other supporters, including Sup. Aaron Peskin and Public Defender Jeff Adachi – both people who had been considered as possible mayoral candidates themselves.

By entering the race this early, Leno can start collecting endorsements and money before anyone else is out of the box.

His endorsements represent both progressive and centrist support…

Leno made clear from his early statements that he is running against the status quo. “It’s time for a new direction,” he said. He spoke, not surprisingly about housing, saying what progressives have been saying for years – that we have to protect the existing affordable housing stock, the rent-controlled housing that is under such attack.

He suggested a strategy that hasn’t occurred to me – he said the city should consider suing speculators who repeatedly buy buildings then use the Ellis Act to clear out the tenants so they can flip the places. “The Ellis Act was not intendent for this,” he said… (more)

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