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Fine Dust Linked to Asthma, Cancer and Heart Attacks

May 25, 2017

Investigations by Jaxon Van Derbeken, Robert Campos, Jeremy Carroll, and Michael Horn : nbcbayarea – excerpt (includes video)

New skyline seen fro the Bay photo by zrants

San Francisco’s political and spiritual leaders recently hailed the city’s newest tallest building, the 61-story Salesforce tower, as the centerpiece of its ongoing building boom. But residents who live three miles away are left to wonder whether the boom is taking a toll on their health…

At San Francisco General’s child asthma clinic, Dr. Robert Blount, a lung specialist, suspects that bad air is contributing to the Bayview-Hunter’s Point asthma epidemic…

NBC Bay Area took the data that Ray Tompkins gathered around the cement plants to Peter Weiss, an environmental chemist at UC Santa Cruz. He confirmed that the samples do contain the fine 2.5 micron sized particles, and that’s a cause for concern. “This high point does suggest that the people in close proximity to these facilities would definitely be at risk,” he told us…

For complete statements from the two cement facilities, click here.

Tompkins told us that although he continues his own testing, the air quality management district recently pledged to pay for more extensive sampling to allow everyone to fully understand what is in the air in the Bayview.

“We breathe it, and we die by it … it’s my friends, neighbors and people I grew up with,” he told us. “I have go to the funerals, I speak at the funerals … it’s not a laboratory rat, it’s somebody I cared about … dying too damn soon.”… (more)

If you have questions or concerns direct them to NBC Bay Area Investigations

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