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When did our Rights Become Privileges?

June 5, 2017

What are we getting for Ten Billion Dollars Mayor Lee?
Why are we paying more for less?

Art by Zrants

Who started the argument that the public commons, streets, access, etc, is a privilege not a right? I guess drinking clean water and breathing fresh air falls into that category now. Not only has San Francisco sold its spirit of love, peace and acceptance to the highest bidder, but, we are no longer a healthy city to live in. The construction dust in the air is filled with nasty micro particles that is making many people sick, and our drinking water is not longer the pure Hetch Hetchy we were lead to believe we could count on.

The president is claiming entry into the country is privilege not a right. As I recall this is the argument the anti-car people used to take over our free street parking, as they made plans to remove off-street parking and create a parking shortage, just as they are creating a housing shortage by jacking up the price of real estate to convince owners to sell or evict long-time tenants and jack up the rent or evict and renovate, to jack up the property values.

One must watch the messages and arguments that come from all sides to undermine our way of life by forcing unwanted change on us. That is how we got where we are now. We allowed our values to be reshaped by the government that is intent on taking more powers as they do the reshaping.

We being the American people, who don’t protect their freedoms. In their defense, the education system has not prepared them to think for themselves and many do not have the motivation or the inclination to figure it out.

Why does our life get more expensive as the quality goes down? We were much better off when we had reasonable rents, good water and air, chose our preferred method of transportation, city services costs a lot less, and fewer people relied on them.

The Mayor’s budget has gone up a billion dollars a year over the last few years. It if now over 10 billion dollars. It would be cheaper if we were all on the dole. Why are they planning to bring more jobs here when we are already saturated? So they can kick more people to the curb?

Let’s find some politicians to run on the platform that they will return power to the people and privileges back into rights. We should also find some who will lower the budget by firing half the future planners. We have under-funded plans through 2040 already. Now we need doers not planners to expedite what they have planned. Someone recently said that it took 20 years to gentrify New York, but it only took San Francisco six years. We need City Hall to slow down and let us catch up, not force more changes on us.

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