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Six San Francisco Homeless stories of this week

June 30, 2017

Moving On’s big SF win — 56-year-old moves from streets to apartment

By Kevin Fagan : sfchronicle – excerpt (graph included)

Luis Castellanos is still so shocked at having a home all to himself that he sometimes spreads out a blanket on the floor next to his bed and sleeps on it, like he did on the ground at Golden Gate Park for years.

At 56, after a lifetime of poverty-driven agonies, he’s just getting used to the prospect of never being homeless again, and certainly doesn’t consider himself a model for anything, let alone a trailblazer for people like him.

But Castellanos is just that… (more)

RV dwellers: Add affordable housing, not regulations

By by Sue Dremann : paloaltotoonline – excerpt

El Camino denizens include workers, retirees, people with mental illness

Palo Alto’s own miniature Hooverville on wheels is situated within sight of the tower on the Stanford University campus bearing the name of the president associated with the early period of the Great Depression.

Down-on-their luck workers and the unemployed line the west side of El Camino Real in RVs. The economy might be booming around them, but they can no longer afford a home… (more)

Tent camp cast a cloud over Potrero Hill street

Everybody’s had troublesome neighbors at some point, but pity the folks who live on Potrero Hill’s Vermont Street.

Over the past six months, a homeless tent camp exploded on their street, quickly expanding into the sidewalks, parking spaces, alleys and neighboring blocks.

Scores of people lived in this Kolkata-like shantytown of tents, sleeping bags and makeshift wooden structures that extended out from the corner of Vermont and 17th streets. The campers cooked over open flames, used injection drugs and ran bicycle chop shops. The camp was dotted with propane tanks, barbecues, rodents and feces.

It was all there, right in the middle of San Francisco, for everybody to see… (more)

Violence on the street

a female victim : via email (removed details to protect the victim)

FYI on 06.26.17 Monday morning aproximetly 2am I was  ATTACKED by a white male.  Police Report #
[I saw him crossing a small street from the behind bushes on – walking very fast  pace- towards me 1/4 block away
so I abruptly changed direction walking left -East-down another side street instead of continuing South.
Because I assumed he may follow me I was using my peripheral vision and turned my body around  just b4 he reached me,  aprox 4ft away.

I think he may have been barefoot as he made no sound. When the building blocked my view of him, he must have been running because he had so  quickly closed the distance between us]  I screamed the whole time. He said “Why are you  screaming, no one can hear you here.” To put distance between us  I held up my little cart, -3ft tall “small luggage cart”-wheels toward him, blocking him as he tried to get around it to me.

He finally grabbed the  tiny cart from me & swung it at  me 3 or 4 times as I kept  screaming & backing away into the street. He took my tiny cart with him. Twice he turned around as if to charge at me again. B4 he was out of site around the corner. At 2:07am I called emergency. Dialing was difficult as my hands were  shaking. An hour later I  was still standing in the street waiting for the police. [at 2:46am I tried to flag down a police car, but they did NOT stop] Twice I could hear him down the street yelling. Aprox 3:20am Officers came and  took a report.

How San Francisco’s Mission District has responded to new temporary homeless shelters

by Lydia Wenus : missionlocal – excerpt

Sweep Report: Potrero homeless camp moved two blocks to old…

City workers broke up a 20-person Potrero Hill encampment, known as Box City 2, on Tuesday morning, forcing about half of its residents at De Haro and Berry to migrate two blocks over to Carolina and 15th streets, a block where a large camp had previously existed and been removed.

Although city officials want to remove all large scale encampments, homeless advocates and those residents moved on Tuesday argued against the strategy.  Moreover, they pointed out, Tuesday’s removal simply resettled the residents at old camp site that was considered “resolved” – at least until Tuesday… (more)

Navigation Center opens, admits some chronically homeless residents

by Lydia Chavez : missionlocal – excerpt

The long-awaited 120-bed Navigation Center at 1515 South Van Ness St. opened Thursday, clearing Shotwell Street of a homeless encampment and admitting ten clients.

Some of the homeless residents had set up outside the center in anticipation of its planned opening on Monday, but that was delayed until today. At least one camper, however, was still undecided about the center.

“I’m just trying to convince her to come in,” said a man who called himself Crimewave, pointing to a woman nearby who was looking through her belongings spread out on 26th Street. He had already been admitted, but still had some of his belongings on the street… (more)

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