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Co-Authors Express Disappointment on Status of SB 562

July 1, 2017

by : davisvanguard – excerpt

Eight Assemblymembers have come out with a joint statement in opposition to the decision by Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon to hold up consideration of SB 562, the universal health care bill.

On Friday, Assemblymembers Rob Bonta, David Chiu, Laura Friedman, Ash Kalra, Kevin McCarty, Adrian Nazarian, Mark Stone and Tony Thurmond issued a joint statement, “As co-authors of SB 562, we strongly support the vision of a single-payer healthcare system. While we were disappointed that SB 562 as passed by the Senate lacked critical details, we were ready to carry on the work necessary for responsible policymaking.”

They continued, “Given the news that the bill will not proceed in the Assembly this year, we are committed to continuing the work necessary to advance single payer. With the very real likelihood that the Republican Congress will repeal the Affordable Care Act, we have no time to waste, and plan to pursue the best avenues for securing single-payer healthcare as soon as possible.

“This includes potentially working through the Select Committee on Health Care Delivery Systems and Universal Coverage or other legislative avenues to continue the difficult discussions required to advance this goal. We stand ready to engage all stakeholders to advance universal access to high-quality health care for Californians.”…

With SB 562, all Californians will have comprehensive healthcare, including dental and mental health coverage.

Californians will be able to choose their doctors instead of being limited to narrow networks.

According to federal data, nearly 14 percent of our state’s gross domestic product goes to healthcare, and that amount is projected to rise.

An economic study released this week found substantial savings from the passage of Senate Bill 562.

The Congressional Budget Office found that the House Republicans’ bill would take healthcare away from 23 million people and raise the cost of healthcare, especially for older Americans and those with health conditions.

The Healthy California Act would only take effect once a financing plan has been approved by the legislature, the governor and California voters… (more)

In the wake of bad and fake press and insinuations by many that the nurses are inciting violence over the heath care impasse in the Assembly, it is good to reflect on the real problems we are trying to solve.

According to Rendon, he feels the Senate bill is woefully incomplete. It hat is the case, he should direct the Assembly to amend it instead of killing it instead of leaving it stuck in the Rules Committee.

The State government is more interested in passing bills that remove the public from the process of government decisions than in working with the public to solve the problems they were elected to solve.

SB35 is one of many bills that Sacramento is pushing through that will remove control over our state from local governments just as our friends in Washington are doing their best to kill the middle class. There is very little room between the parties these days. Only rhetoric that is getting older and staler by the day.

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