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3,600 homeless people in Sacramento? Time to stop badmouthing San Francisco.

July 11, 2017

By editorial board : sacbee – excerpt

Every night, more than 3,600 people are homeless in Sacramento County, a heartbreaking statistic that’s 30 percent higher than it was in 2015.

The results of a federally mandated headcount of homeless people are as dispiriting as expected.

Hundreds of men and women, many of them old and mentally ill, roam the downtown streets, parks, and, yes, suburbs of this capital city, deprived of permanent shelter. And despite the millions of dollars spent getting people into housing, more than half sleep outside – a stunning 85 percent increase in just two years.

“This is not just a sobering report,” Mayor Darrell Steinberg shouted into a bank of microphones on Monday. “This is a damning report!”

He’s right to be angry.
Even outside of downtown, it has become increasingly clear that homelessness is on the rise in Sacramento. But year after year, the city and county – mostly the county – have failed to implement a joint plan of action. The current arrangement, in which city and county staff talk past each other about parallel and in some cases redundant solutions, is not collaboration…

As a whole, the Golden State has the highest rate of homelessness in the country. But that doesn’t excuse Sacramento’s long inability to consolidate resources and agree on a unified strategy to address this glaring problem… (more)

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