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All the Reasons Why San Francisco Is Mad at Tech

July 12, 2017

Editors : Bold Italic – excerpt (includes cool graphics)

San Francisco is the hub of all things technology, but many of our residents feel animosity toward the roiling hoards of Patagonia-clad techies hell-bent on “changing the world.” Most of their reasons are self-evident: tech salaries have inflated the cost of living so aggressively that those in the service industry have been priced out, and being a doctor or a lawyer won’t necessarily cut it here either.

With so many of our friends moving to other cities or trying to get in the tech game (“If you can’t beat them, join them”), we were curious to know what drove people to shout into the abyss of social media with hashtags like “#fucktechies” and “#dietechiescum.”

It’s much more than the cost of living. Here’s why some hate techies… (more)

We hate the constant state of destruction that has become the new norm in San Francisco. We hate the massive walls blocking out the sky. We hate the never-ending poundings of steel being driven into the ground. We hate dusty, dirty toxin-filled air that clog our ears and burns our eyes and makes our skin itch.

When the opening act of a new sports arena features choreographed dancing cranes with human extras you have to wonder what we are designing this city for? It is certainly not for humans seeking peace and harmony.

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