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Gavin Newsom Takes on San Francisco – In Court

July 13, 2017

By Joe Kukura : sfweekly – excerpt

Newsom’s State Lands Commission is suing the city over height restrictions San Francisco voters imposed on waterfront building developments.

Suppose you were running for governor of California. You’re ahead in the polls thanks to landslide support in the Bay Area — but the mayor of Los Angeles is gaining on you fast. If you’re counting on San Francisco to help you win the election, would you sue San Francisco?

That’s what Lieutenant Governor and former San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom is considering as he runs for governor. Newsom is not personally suing San Francisco, but the California State Lands Commision — of which he’s the chairperson — is suing the city over height restrictions on waterfront development, and the case is likely to head to trial in a San Francisco Superior Court in September.

The State Lands Commission is an obscure three-person panel that manages California public land policy. Newsom did not file this lawsuit, but he’s not dropping it, either. Former State Lands Commission chair John Chiang brought the suit, and he currently serves as state treasurer. (Ironically, Chiang is also running for governor in 2018)… (more)

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