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A move to ban all new medical cannabis outlets in SF

July 24, 2017

By Tim Redmond : 48hills – excerpt

With little public comment, Planning Commission approves total moratorium on new dispensaries

The Planning Commission July 20 passed a recommendation for a moratorium of up to two years on new dispensaries. It’s not binding – the Board of Supes will have to make the final decision – but the commission has to approve every application for a dispensary, so the action signals that it may become much more difficult to get a permit to open one…

In their rush to talk about the hot news that the city is going to hire a cannabis director, most of the major news media missed this entire episode. Joshua Sabatini at the Examiner noticed, and put the word out before the meeting…

The Small Business Commission opposed the Safai legislation, saying that it would create an oligopoly in D11, protecting three operators from competition, and driving the business into other parts of town…

The Board of Supes Land Use Committee will hear Safai’s bill Monday/24. It will come to the full board Tuesday/25... (more)

San Francisco seems to be taking the opposite position of Oakland by cutting off new entrepreneurs, while Oakland is welcoming new options for an economically challenged populations. Sonoma County is embracing the new economic boost to their communities. Why does San Francisco wants to limit the legal trade that the voters just endorsed by a wide margin. Stay tuned for those discussions.

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