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Newsom’s lawsuit against SF is set for trial

August 6, 2017

by Tim Redmond : 48hills – excerpt

Judge denies all dismissal motions, meaning the state and the city will face off starting Sept. 11

Lite Guv Gavin Newsom’s suit against San Francisco will go forward for trial Sept 11, a judge ruled Friday.

Judge Susanne Bolanos rejected summary judgment motions by both the city and the state, saying that there are triable issues of fact that need to be addressed.

In a win for the city, Bolanos rejected the contention by the State Lands Commission that Prop. B, a 2014 ballot measure requiring a public vote for any waterfront project that exceeds existing height limits, was on its face invalid.

Now the only issue is whether Prop. B caused developers of two projects, at Mission Rock and Pier 70, to reduce the heights of their buildings, and thus potentially reduce the revenue that the Port could have made, which could potentially have been spent on something that would fit in the state’s Tidelands Trust…

The lawsuit has already become an issue in the race for governor, with former LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa saying that the San Francisco voters have spoken and that Newsom shouldn’t be trying to undermine them... (more)

Comments at the source are encouraged. This case points to a major problem with turning government entities into enterprise zones. When they become enterprise zones their mission shifts from serving the public to generating revenue and therefore the government is competing with private commercial entities that the agencies often regulate and may give themselves an unfair advantage.

This is one of the many problems with using government enterprise entities to finance government operations. In this case the claims are based on potential revenues that do not exist. The absurdity of the former Mayor blaming citizens for  lost revenue for a state agency while running for higher office is not lost on his opponent or the citizens of the city he is suing.

This is wrong on so many levels. Public servants should follow the will of the citizens, not force their will on their constituents, and they should certainly not use the taxpayers money to finance a lawsuit against them.

Has anybody asked Mayor Ed Lee where he stands on this lawsuit against his city?

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