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Closely Watched Bills Killed by Legislative Spending Committees

September 5, 2017

By Guy Marzorati and Marisa Lagos : KQED – excerpt

Facing a deadline to send spending bills to the floor of the Senate and Assembly, powerful legislative committees quickly and quietly shelved a number of notable bills on Friday.

The Senate and Assembly appropriations committees voted Friday to advance hundreds of bills, but other measures — including efforts to halt a controversial groundwater project in the Mojave Desert and block new offshore oil pipelines — were killed.

The appropriations committees, which do not release vote counts for bills that are given the death sentence of “held in committee,” also drastically watered down some measures, and delayed others for further discussion until January.

The opaque process is an easy way for legislative leaders to kill or change bills they’re unhappy with.

Here’s a rundown of some key bills killed or changed during Friday’s hearings:

SB 17: Prescription Drug Price Transparency
SB 21: Written Policy for Surveillance Technology…
SB 188: Prohibiting Offshore Pipelines…
SB 384: Extending Alcohol Sales Until 4 a.m….
SB 623: Safe and Affordable Drinking Water Fund…
AB 943: Making it Harder for Voters to Block Developments…
AB 1000: Blocking Mojave Desert Groundwater Extraction…
AB 1250: Adding Requirements for County Contractors…

Details on all the state bills by the number are here:

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