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Start-up points city dwellers toward the suburban havens that suit them

October 8, 2017

By Kavita Daswani : latimes – excerpt

After their daughter was born eight months ago, Audrey and George Amirian knew they wanted to move out of their 900-square-foot, one-bedroom North Hollywood apartment.

They just didn’t know where they wanted to move to.

So the couple enlisted the help of Suburban Jungle, a New York-based company that expanded to Los Angeles this year. The start-up specializes in helping city-based families identify suburban areas to move to and connects them with local real estate agents.

In L.A., the prime customers are people who live in fast-paced, expensive areas such as downtown and Hollywood but who are ready for smaller, more affordable communities with quieter streets, less traffic and a more neighborly vibe… (more)


Suburban Jungle clients are assigned a strategist who sends over a detailed questionnaire to determine what they expect from a new living environment, what their definition of a good school is, what they like to do on weekends, and where they might shop or dine.

The company then prepares a home search strategy focusing on two to six potential towns, with details that include taxes, length of average commute and distance to preferred gyms and grocery stores…

The service is free. Founder and President Alison Bernstein, who describes the company as “relocation for the noncorporate employee,” said her company doesn’t do transactions.

Instead, the client is directed to a reputable agent in a particular area. Once a client buys a home, Suburban Jungle collects a commission from the seller’s broker…

“There seem to be a lot of people expressing a desire to move to Los Angeles,” Sedano said. “They don’t know what to expect in these different neighborhoods, which have a different look, pace and vibe from each other. Cities and towns change every 15 years, and everyone is trying to figure out where best to raise their kids.”

Suburban Jungle also operates in Chicago, Boston, San Francisco and Dallas, with Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Atlanta and London soon to follow…(more)

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