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How voters shook up California’s Legislature

October 23, 2017

By Laurel Rosenhall : capoliticalreview – excerpt

Something was different this year.

As lawmakers in Sacramento approached the last night of their session—the final opportunity to pass or kill bills for the year—they had had three days to figure out how to vote…

That’s because a new law voters imposed last year forbids them to act on a bill until it’s been available to the public for 72 hours. While most legislation is published online for several weeks or months, every year lawmakers write some new ones at the last minute, leaving almost no time for the public—or even their colleagues in the Legislature—to scrutinize the proposals.

The new routine was met with mixed reviews as lawmakers pounded through hundreds of proposals before adjourning in the wee hours Saturday…

The three-day rule has changed the game for lobbyists like Paul Bauer…

Sen. Jim Nielsen (R-Gerber) said that overall the new law has brought more transparency to the lawmaking process. But as the frenzy to pass bills reached a crescendo late Friday night, Nielsen complained that there remain ways to obfuscate…(more)

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