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SB 827 (Skinner, D-Berkeley) will destroy local land use control

January 9, 2018

By Becky O’Malley : Berkeley Planet – excerpt

State Senators Nancy Skinner (D-Berkeley) and Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco) are again lusting after our remaining affordable neighborhoods on behalf of their developer patrons, who are fronted by the astroturf YIMBYs:..

SB 827, as introduced, Wiener. Planning and zoning: transit-rich housing bonus...

Transit-rich is the new buzz word in the title, and how ironically apt it is. This bill effectively removes all local planning controls in areas served by transit, opening up enormous swaths of our historically low-income urban neighborhoods (think southwest Berkeley) to gentrifying market rate development.

And no, it won’t make the current residents, especially renters, rich—but it will certainly make rich developers richer. That’s who get the housing bonus.

This plan doesn’t seem to have been reported in the Bay Area press as yet, but Damien Goodmon, founder and Executive Director of Los Angeles’ nonprofit Crenshaw Subway Coalition, already has their number. He’s posted a stinging denunciation of the bill’s backers and its effect on low-income residents on the organization’s web site…

“Like the Colonizers before them, YIMBYs claim the ‘Hood as Theirs!

“The bill is backed by a group that calls themselves YIMBYs, which stands for “Yes in my backyard.” Like the colonizers whose agenda they seek to replicate, it takes a certain entitlement/supremacist mindset to call a community they didn’t grow up in, don’t live in or are new to as “theirs.” It’s NOT their backyard – it’s ours. And we’re not about to give it up. WE SHALL NOT BE MOVED!

“YIMBY groups are the very definition of “astroturf” – fake grassroots organizations backed by a corporate industry.

‘As just one example, not a single major YIMBY group has expressed strong support for what will be the biggest mobilization of housing justice groups in Sacramento this year – next week’s Assembly Housing Committee hearing on AB 1506 – the bill to repeal the horrible Costa Hawkins Rental Housing Act, which all housing justice groups in the state consider the top legislative goal for 2018.

“Scott Wiener’s SB 827 is a declaration of war on every urban community in California – and especially our urban communities of color.

“It is time that we put our war paint on, soldiers. SB 827 is a bill that must be killed.”… (more)

Some actions you can take if you want to fight SB 827: Contact your state reps and tell them what you think of SB 827:

The hearing on a bill to repeal the Costa Hawkins Act will be on Thursday/11 at 8:30am. The bus leaves from Civic Center promptly at 6am. You can sign up here. Or contact the state reps on the  Housing and Community Development Committee.
Assemblyman David Chiu is the Committee Chair:










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