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Bill could turn bus stops into hubs for housing

January 14, 2018

By Bill Spotswood : marinij – excerpt

State Sen. Scott Wiener, D-San Francisco, is again trying to ram high-density housing down the throat of suburban California. The San Francisco Democrat has introduced SB 872, which automatically allows housing developments within a quarter-mile of most bus stops to be 85 feet tall.

That’s eight floors high…

f SB 872 passes, Marinites who live within a quarter-mile of a Golden Gate or Marin Transit bus stop with service at least every 15 minutes during commute hours will find they ipso facto reside along a “high quality transit corridor.”

That new classification will subject them to the up-zoning mandate of SB 872.

The big-scale construction should be profitable, because SB 872 doesn’t require any of the housing it facilitates to be “affordable.”

Under Wiener’s bill every transit stop will be a development hub... (more)

San Francisco Bay Area residents are not as dumb as our representatives like to pretend. Last year there was a big push for affordable housing. SB 872 doesn’t bother to mention affordable it just demands dense stack and pack housing (up to 8 stories) near all the public transit. Other bills are being put together to extend the public transportation zones to extend the development areas. Not only is the state trying to force us into lifestyles we don’t want, our government entities expect us to pay for their expansion plans through higher taxes fines and fees. The author’s solution for an aggressive state government, is to replace our reps?

Heroic efforts that made Marin shouldn’t be vilified

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