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Mayoral candidates Jane Kim, London Breed break campaign finance promise to end ‘slush fund’

January 20, 2018

By Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez : sfexaminer – excerpt

The allure of campaign cash is hard for many politicians to resist, but two mayoral candidates in San Francisco flipped that script: London Breed and Jane Kim both voted to approve a pledge that anyone running for the local Democratic Party board would limit contributions to their campaigns to $500 apiece.

It’s a noble promise, but one neither candidate kept.

A review of Breed and Kim’s campaign finance records shows both accepted campaign contributions as high as $10,000 from entities seeking to influence the politicians.

And the two candidates kept those campaign finance committees open, providing a potential source of outside funds as they both race to the June 2018 mayoral election…

For years, running for the Democratic County Central Committee was a loophole to campaign finance laws to well-known to San Francisco political insiders. Most candidates — for supervisor, mayor and more — are limited to $500 contributions, but a supervisor could run for the Democratic Party board, known as the DCCC, and accept contributions of any size…

It’s like a slush fund, because there are no rules” in DCCC campaigns, said Larry Bush, founder of the Friends of Ethics group… (more)

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