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Housing activists in Inglewood, Pasadena latest to pursue rent control

February 12, 2018

By Josie Huang : kpcc – excerpt (audio on KPCC 89.3

Housing activists in Inglewood and Pasadena on Friday announced plans to put rent control initiatives before their cities’ voters next year as part of a regional groundswell of interest in rental caps.

These campaigns come after a spate of Bay Area cities put rent control on the ballot last year. Rent control supporters in two cities — Mountain View and Richmond — were successful, and those outcomes fueled hopes that Southern California communities could also limit rent increases.

The efforts come as California faces a housing crisis that shows no signs of abating.

Activists in Inglewood appear to be the farthest along, having filed a petition seeking a ballot initiative in October. They say they are worried that current residents will not be able to stay in a city that is undergoing a boom in real estate development and improvements like the construction of parks and bike lanes.

Our goal is for people who live here to get to benefit from all the development, and being able to afford here,” said D’Artagnan Scorza, a leader of Uplift Inglewood...

Glendale activists had filed for a rental control initiative earlier this fall, but errors in their documentation means they have to start from scratch. One of their leaders, Michael Van Gorder, told KPCC that their intent is to try again and aim for an initiative for the fall 2018 ballot…

Long Beach activists filed last week, but their petition was rejected because of insufficient information. They plan to try again in about 10 days…(more)

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