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Why 37 Major Progressive Groups from Los Angeles Oppose State-Level Housing Bill SB 827

February 16, 2018

By Jacob Woocher : knock-la – excerpt

The battle lines around the pro-development (and pro-gentrification) SB 827 are becoming increasingly clear, with 37 grassroots organizations from L.A. yesterday releasing a letter detailing their opposition.

On one side, in support, you have the bill’s author, State Senator Scott Wiener, a former lawyer and current career politician whose biggest funders are the real estate industry; an informal coalition of 120 tech and venture capital executives; and astroturf YIMBY groups (“Yes In My BackYard”) that unabashedly promote free-market, trickle-down approaches while ignoring anti-displacement policies like rent control and “just cause” eviction protections. (I say “astroturf” to refer to the fact that these groups are rolling in corporate and billionaire cash — they are not genuinely of the people. California YIMBY, for example, was founded by two tech CEOs, Nat Friedman and Zack Rosen, a fact that is conveniently nowhere to be found on their website!)

On the other side, in opposition, you have 37 of the most progressive and truly grassroots housing and labor organizations in L.A. Signatories of the letter include L.A. Community Action Network (LA CAN), Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment (ACCE), United Neighbors in Defense of Displacement (UNIDAD), Inquilinos Unidos, Koreatown Immigrant Workers Alliance (KIWA), and the L.A. Black Worker Center. These are organizations that receive little or no corporate money, have been building from the bottom-up for years, and are firmly rooted in the Black, Latinx, and Asian-American communities that are suffering most under our current housing and homelessness crisis…(more)


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