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Corporations Won’t Revitalize the Economy. The Middle Class Will.

February 19, 2018
By Nick Cassella : civicskunkworks – excerpt

Trickle-down economics is a hard beast to kill, and Republicans are doing a terrific job of keeping this economic theory alive amidst life-threatening conditions. As I noted last week, in a time of stagnant wages, the GOP has ditched their job-growth justification for tax cuts and instead begun to harp on the erroneous link between wage growth and lower corporate taxes.

Tyler Cowen at Bloomberg similarly noticed the conservative’s inadvertent creation of “a new kind of supply-side economics…

The time is ripe for Democrats to undermine trickle-down theory by arguing that wages will only grow when corporations are forced to pay their employees more. There is zero reason why we should believe in the generosity of corporations in 2017—and yet Republicans are telling the American people to do just that.

That’s a losing message in a time of terrible inequality. Let’s hope Democrats take advantage of such favorable territory.”…(more)

Understanding the Delicate Balancing Act between Credit and Debt

One of my linked-in connections in the editorial world, Scott Baker, linked to this video that explains in simple terms on how credit and debt work their magic on the economy. As you can see there is nothing magical about it, although there may be a bit of slight of hand when it comes to government oversight. Experience counts when it comes to managing such hefty beasts as the Fed and the US Treasury…(more)

With market volatility, it’s helpful to understand how the economy moves in short and long term cycles. Ray Dalio-billionaire investor, philanthropist & founder of Bridgewater Associates, one of the largest hedge funds provides an insightful video on how the economic machine functions. Worth the watch. Ray Dalio

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