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Wiener endorses Breed as battle over SB 827 heats up

April 6, 2018

By Tim Redmond : 48hills – excerpt

Move puts state senator on the same side as group that has attacked his longtime friend and mentor, Mark Leno…

State Sen. Scott Wiener endorsed Sup. London Breed for mayor today, putting her squarely in the Yimby camp that supports SB 827 – and along the way, putting Wiener in the same camp a candidate whose allies are attacking his longtime mentor, Mark Leno.

The event took place right across the street from Leno’s headquarters in the Castro…

It’s the first sign that she [Breed] and her strategists are seriously working on a ranked-choice voting strategy and have decided the best way to get second-place votes is from the more moderate Leno voters – the ones who voted for Wiener over Sup. Jane Kim for state Senate.

Leno has not yet endorsed Kim as his second choice, although the two campaigns worked together to win a one-two endorsement at the Democratic County Central Committee.

Kim has endorsed Leno as her second pick.


Very interesting race, as the middle of the road does not exist and everybody knows it. The ball is in Leno’s court. He is free to let his support for Wiener based on past relationships go, since Wiener is opposing him and his platform for San Francisco. Both Kim and Weiss have included Leno in there 1-2-3 endorsements.

My question to all the candidates is, how bad do you want to win the hearts and votes of the San Francisco resident voters? If you want to win. You must pick a side and stay there. Yes or No on SB 827. No equivocating. If you think there is a middle ground, watch the videos of the disruptive YIMBY at the SB 827 Press Conference.

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