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Wiener upzoning bill dies in committee

April 18, 2018

By Tim Redmond : 48hills – excerpt

SB 827 appears dead for this year — but the senator isn’t giving up

State Sen. Scott Wiener’s bill that would give the state more control over local zoning and mandate taller buildings on transit corridors died in committee today, but Wiener has vowed to bring it back…

SB 827, which has galvanized tenant groups, anti-displacement advocates and neighborhoods around the state, lost 3-7 at the Senate Transportation and Housing Committee.

That’s a huge setback for Wiener, since the committee is by no means a center of progressive thought – and most of the members don’t represent cities that could be heavily impacted by the bill… (more)

Breed is the only mayoral candidate who supports SB 827. None of the other candidates do either. The message is clear, if you support the way San Francisco has been run since the tech community, big government and big tech took control of City Hall, vote for the candidate who supports NO CHANGE. If you are unhappy with the state of the city, vote for CHANGE.

Don’t stop with the mayoral candidates. Ask Ting and Chiu why they support SB 827, and the state’s control over local community development decisions. Ask the Supervisor candidates as well. They have tremendous responsibility for shaping our city.

We need representatives in all levels of government who protect us, not the interests of corporate giants who seek to buy our elections and control our lives.

For anyone who wants to view the hearing on the meeting here is a link:

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