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SF Artists Courageously Fight Back Against Serial Evictor in the Mission

June 11, 2018

Alex Mak : brokeassstuart – excerpt

If you live in San Francisco you are well aware of the steep and brutal rise of tenant evictions in the past few years.  As silicon valley employees increasingly move to ‘the city’, and wages for tech jobs soar, so do rental costs, and landlords seek to cash in on the most expensive rental prices in the nation.  Unfortunately, this means long-term tenants with rent control are targetted, many landlords realize that if they can just get you to move out, they can jack up the rent and make a killing on some new tech employee who is willing to pay anything for your apartment…

the Housing Rights Committee of San Francisco to offer their landlord Danny Sun a reasonable deal not to evict his tenants consisting of educators, artists, low-income Latinx seniors, and people with disabilities.

Their landlord has so far refused.   He has already evicted tenants from two other buildings in the past.

So the tenants came up with a creative plan to PR shame a predatory landlord out of an Ellis Act Eviction.  A week of action!! That puts community pressure on Danny Sun via his car dealership in El Cerito called Eke Motorsports(more)

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