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Report: Stark gaps between Bay Area haves and have-nots

June 20, 2018

By Louis Hansen : mercurynews – excerpt

Even as Bay Area tech professionals take home the highest disposable incomes in the country, local service workers have sunk to the bottom with little or no cash left over after living expenses, a new report found.

The region is the worst in the nation for service employees and security workers, according to a new analysis by real estate website Rent Cafe. And child care, maintenance and food service workers have so little money left after paying living expenses that many are forced into debt or sacrifice health care and other needs.

The report paints a stark picture of the divide between the Bay Area’s haves and have-nots and the pressure high housing costs place on the working poor.

“There’s no doubt the economy is strong,” said Michael Altfest, director of community engagement for the Alameda County Community Food Bank. “But what we see here is the low-income community is not sharing in it.”

The report found that in the San Jose metro area, management workers averaged $87,400 in annual disposable income, the highest figure in the country, while service workers fell $10,000 short of meeting basic needs, the worst in the country. The report considered how much money workers had left over after paying for food, shelter, transportation, health insurance and other basic living expenses… (more)



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