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The Internet did not fare well this week

June 22, 2018

Scott Wiener’s Net Neutrality bill was watered down in Committee, and the Supreme Court ruled that states may require shoppers to pay online sales tax.

Net Neutrality Backers Fume As California Bill Watered Down

cbslocal – excerpt

SACRAMENTO (AP) — California legislation that was billed as one of the nation’s most aggressive efforts to revive net neutrality was watered down during a tense legislative hearing…


Democratic Sen. Scott Wiener’s bill is an attempt to revive regulations repealed last year by the Federal Communications Commission that prevented internet companies from exercising more control over what people watch and see over the internet…(more)

Supreme Court says states can tax online sales

Bloomberg – excerpt

The U.S. Supreme Court freed states and local governments to start collecting billions of dollars in new sales taxes from online retailers, overturning a ruling that had made much of the internet a tax-free zone and put traditional retailers at a disadvantage… (more)



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