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Caught On Video: Oakland Realtors Coach Buyers On How To Profit From Tenant Eviction

June 26, 2018

by Susie Steimle : cbslocal – excerpt (including video)

OAKLAND (KPIX) – Oakland’s housing market is sizzling. There are open houses every weekend. And many of them are filled with tenants who have to awkwardly watch and listen to the people who could take away their homes. It’s an especially lucrative business model because of what some are calling a huge loophole in the city’s eviction law.

Undercover cameras videotaped, as realtors walked KPIX and a group of potential home buyers through duplexes and triplexes at open houses in Oakland. They coached us as we went along on how to legally kick out everyone living there.

It was a crash course in the business of eviction, all caught on hidden camera.

“You can move in, and then once you have lived in the property,… restrictions on evictions and stuff go away,” one realtor told us.

The realtors openly explained how to maximize our return and make a career off buying and selling duplexes… (more)

There is a loophole in Oakland’s just cause eviction law that some legislators may be able to fix with a ballot initiative this year, but, for now, there is no protection for renters who find themselves at the mercy of new owners who want to kick them out. This situation leads to the high rate of homeless tents in Oakland.


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