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Concerns heighten over Civic Center campus in South City

August 14, 2018

: smdaily – excerpt (includes graphics)

Budget growing with public criticism as officials attempt to push key project ahead

With heightened public criticism and a steadily-increasing budget, South San Francisco officials are grappling with the challenges posed amid the effort to build a new Civic Center campus.

While construction costs rise across the Bay Area, the repercussions are felt in South City as Councilman Mark Addiego said the most recent project budget estimation reached $210 million, up from the roughly $150 million expected last year.

“It’s frightening what is happening in the construction industry as we try to put together architectural and construction drawings and go into the marketplace for a contractor, because things are moving so rapidly,” he said.

The skyrocketing costs have been attributed to labor and material shortages invited by the state and region’s building boom, and Addiego suggested the financial woes could worsen due to trade tariffs imposed by the White House.

“This is not the best time to try to be going into the marketplace and trying to spend $210 million,” said Addiego, who is on the subcommittee charged with planning the center… (more)


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