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Tech and Prop. C

August 26, 2018

By John Elberling : 48hills – excerpt

Ron Conway’s against it — but where are Zuckerberg, Benioff and the other “philanthropists” who put their names on city buildings and landmarks?

The “” website shows 29 Bay Area tech companies as members. Almost all the big guys are there (except Apple and Oracle) — Facebook, Google, Amazon — plus all the SF headquartered companies that might face a hefty new tax if Prop C wins — Salesforce and the rest — plus of course Ron Conway’s own AirBnb.

Those companies are now associated with a No on C ballot argument that is based on a false assumption that existing approaches — more housing, more shelters, more bathrooms/showers, more mental-heath services/facilities, more drug treatment, etc. — don’t work well enough, and what is needed is “innovation.”

In other words, stuff that is to be figured out … later, maybe someday… (more)

It will be interesting to see how various pro-housing groups approach this pro-housing funding bill. Some groups will have problems with their followers regardless of their position. Big tech executives are accused by many of being responsible for failing to hire locally and causing the housing shortage. Who will own that accusation and who will deny it?

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