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The Battle in Brisbane: Is It Our Battle, Too?

September 3, 2018

The Battle in Brisbane: Is It Our Battle, Too?

Tiny Brisbane, population 4,700, is fighting for its right to determine its local land use. The Committee for Renewable Energy in the Baylands (CREBL), a citizen action group, researched options and agreed they wanted the Baylands to be a model for renewable energy. But big developers/big business have other plans: to build 2,200 – 4,400 housing units and 7million square feet of commercial development.

Watch this 10- minute video for the inspirational story of the work of CREBL and the Brisbane Planning Commission and the challenges they face.

Join Livable California on Saturday 9/8 and meet the Brisbane community leaders. Learn about the pressures on Brisbane residents to vote to change their General Plan to accommodate the wishes of developer Universal Paragon, Inc. and big corporations who seek to keep costs low and profits high, by foisting workforce housing into communities other than their own. They congregate under the threadbare banner of “It’s a housing crisis and we have to do something!”

In addition, Senators Scott Wiener and Jerry Hill have said if Brisbane voters don’t vote to change the General Plan, in 2019 they’ll consider legislation to force compliance.

If you think about the 13 housing bills passed in 2017 that erode local control and the dozen or so already passed in 2018, you have to ask yourself, what kind of regional and top-down government are we moving towards? How do communities of any size support one another? What can we do about Brisbane?.

Background Information: – Excellent background for the 9/8 meeting. Watch MTC/ABAG ED Steve Heminger describe the emerging supremacy of regionalism; July, 2017

Join us. People start gathering at 9:30 to network, help set-up the room, enjoy coffee, and meet old and new like-minded community leaders. Our meeting starts promptly at 10:00 am.

Organization: Livable California Contact: Susan Kirsch Contact Phone: 415-686-4375 Contact Email: Website: .. (more)

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