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Ashamed to admit I live in San Francisco

September 22, 2018

The Crassness of this place is becoming embarrassing.

When I read articles like this in the press I cannot believe they happened in our formerly well-respected and beloved city. The local media is beside itself these days. Not only do we get to put up with Washington antics, but, we get a daily dose of confounding local jive that is becoming sicker by the day.

Hunters Point Shipyard is now famous for being one of the largest, most potentially toxic  places in the area. There are a number of lawsuits ongoing an at least two people in jail charged with a coverup of the testing of the site. A radioactive device was just uneathed  near the affordable housing section, and now we see reports that claim Lennar is moving ahead with their development plans. This plays very nicely with the cutbacks in nuclear safety and testing at the Federal level. You might say that Trump’s Energy Department is on their side.

In spite of the health threats and obvious lack of concerns for the welfare of the residents you may live on top of one of the US Navy’s most toxic radiation laden parcels of land, the story that really riled me up this week is the one about the new “urban camp” at Candlestick.

Try to read this article it will make your head spin and maybe your blood boil, but, it is hard to imagine a funnier sad tale than this one is. In the week that Mayor London Breed declares a homeless crisis, the city celebrates the opening of a new multi-billion dollar park and this urban campgrounds that you can rent to sleep out under the fog in one of the coldest windswept parts of the Bay. The author of this article dose it justice with a tongue firmly stuck in cheek approach. It is hard not to snicker.

Candlestick Point opening campsites (bring a warm blanket)

by Amy Graff : sfgate – excerpt

Candlestick Park may be gone, but San Francisco 49ers and Giants fans haven’t forgotten how they shivered in the cold at the windswept former stadium.

In fact, when baseball games went extra innings, fans who stayed received a special pin for braving the frigid weather. The Croix de Candlestick pins carried the motto, “Veni, vidi, vixi” — “I came, I saw, I survived.”

Now California is inviting folks to pitch a tent and camp out at one of six designated sites opening Oct. 1 at Candlestick Point Recreation Area.

But don’t let Candlestick’s bone-chilling reputation scare you off from this oasis of nature within the city, says Patrick Marley Rump, executive director of the local nonprofit Literacy for Environmental Justice that helped build the sites with the help of a grant and California State Parks… (more)

This state land could give stability to a lot of homeless people living in RVs and cars, but, it looks like the state prefers to turn it into a $35 a night campground. Amenities include bathrooms with flush toilets, an outdoor mini golf course, food trucks and beer garden.. Campfires aren’t allowed, hence the need for blankets and a tent. Maybe you can rent one from your homeless neighbors, or better still, pay their rent and stay in your nice cozy pad.


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