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County Supervisor Steve Lavagnino Jumps from GOP Ship

October 6, 2018

By Nick Welsh : undependent – excerpt

Decline-to-States Now Almost Outnumber Republicans in Santa Barbara

Steve Lavagnino has long been my favorite local Republican. Now, no more. All bets are off.

For the past eight years, Lavagnino ​— ​Santa Barbara being a first-name kind of town, he’s known in political circles merely as “Steve” ​— ​has represented the über–North County and the 5th District on the Board of Supervisors. There, he’s been smart, easygoing, prepared, rational, serious, pragmatic, comfortable in his own skin, and unusually accessible. On top of that, Lavagnino’s also seriously funny. In fact, he does some stand-up on the side.

To this day, Lavagnino remains all those things. But as of June 28, Steve Lavagnino ​— ​a dyed-in-the-wool, card-carrying member of the Republican Party ​— ​quietly walked away from the Grand Old Party. He quit. He pulled the plug. On that date, county records indicate, Lavagnino reregistered as a decline-to-state (aka no party preference) voter… (more)

Decline-to-State is the new party of choice around the country as people lose faith in the two-party system that is dividing the nation . Tents on the sidewalk, lines at the DMV, and gridlocked streets are in-your-face proof that government systems are failing. Citizens want results, not promises and parades. Even though San Francisco is a one party town, the lines are clearly drawn between the candidates and the big money donations that separate them. The rush to densify SOMA may be put on hold as the shaky ground takes on new concerns.

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