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In this election, even BART board races are really about housing

October 22, 2018

Cross currents by Eli Wirtschafter : KALW – excerpt (includes audio)

“It’s really a question of what kind of agency BART should be. Is BART just a transit agency? Or should it be a regional planning agency that’s thinking not just about transportation, but also urban design and housing?”

The fight over housing in the Bay Area has turned up even in the elections for BART’s board of directors. The candidates are divided as to whether the agency should build more housing near its stations, or stay focused on running the trains on time.A new law, proposed by San Francisco Assemblyman David Chiu, allows BART to sidestep local zoning rules on BART-owned property near stations.

Under the new law, BART can build higher and more densely than the cities might otherwise allow. How BART should use that power has become the most divisive issue in this year’s races to run the agency. KALW’s Hana Baba spoke with transportation reporter Eli Wirtschafter… (more)


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