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Pioneering SFMTA exec put agency on firm financial footing

November 14, 2018

by Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez : sfexaminer – excerpt

Sonali Bose is a Muni rebel with a cause.

She may not wear a leather jacket and ride a motorcycle, instead opting for a bus, but Bose, the chief financial officer at the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, personally boosted the agency’s finances by sheer force of will, often by wrangling The City’s politicians, they told the San Francisco Examiner.

Her financial reforms doubled SFMTA’s budget so it could run more buses and trains than ever before in The City’s history. Her SF Park program pioneered dynamic meter pricing. She created the agency’s first-ever rainy day reserve fund and secured funding for the billion-dollar Central Subway. Her financial stewardship led SFMTA to carry the highest credit rating of any public transit agency in the United States… (more)

More money for what? You would expect twice as much for twice as much, but, we are not building a Muni for today. We are building the future perfect city instead. Once you realize that, it will all make sense. Think Alice chasing Rabbit down the Hole and running into the Queen of Hearts and you will be closer to understanding the SFMTA.

Fortunately, the Board of Supervisors is being forced to take back some controls one at a time as irate citizens demand change. Aim those comments and demands at City Hall where they can do the most good. Ms. Bose is leaving. It is time to move on. If we are lucky, Muni will start moving people today and leave the future to someone else to sort out.

We have a major case of leadership loss in San Francisco’s Departments. This is the last in a string of retirements and changes at SFMTA. What else do we have to look forward to at this most controversial department.

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