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A rare win in CA

December 17, 2018

By Carl deMaio via email

After an outpouring of public outrage, the crazy Text Tax proposal from Sacramento politicians has been withdrawn – for now…

A rare win for California taxpayers!

How did it happen? With YOUR support, Reform California mounted an immediate counter-campaign that included a digital ad buy, an online Stop the Text Tax petition that was signed by over 200,000 individuals in 72 hours, and aggressive outreach to the media to ensure they saw this bizarre proposal. You know an idea is extreme when even the liberal national media mocks it!

Because the Text Tax was only tabled for now, please continue to forward the “Stop The Text Tax” Petition to your friends: here’s the link.

This defeat of the Text Tax reinforces the need to FIGHT — and underscores the plans we have for Reform California going forward.

THANK YOU for helping us generate the public outcry to shame Sacramento politicians into dropping the crazy Text Tax.

While we celebrate, we know it is only a matter of time before they cook up another crazy and extreme tax hike — and we’ll be ready to fight it with your help!


Carl DeMaio
Reform California

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