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San Francisco Cafeteria Ban: City Officials Should Put Freedom Back on the Menu

December 20, 2018

by Vicki E. Alger : iwf – excerpt

The city of San Francisco is an overpriced mess these days. Its cost of living is so high that a family of four with a six-figure household income is considered low-income and qualifies for federal housing assistance.

Then there’s the filth. As if the trash, crime scenes, and open-injection drug use weren’t bad enough, the city recently launched poop patrols to clean human feces off the streets and sidewalks.

Who’s to blame for San Francisco’s many problems? Tech workers who eat their lunches in their companies’ cafeterias, according to some City Supervisors.

Supervisors Ahsha Safai and Aaron Peskin introduced a workplace cafeteria ban last July. Peskin called the ban “forward thinking legislation.” Without on-site cafeterias, he explained, “People will have to go out and eat lunch with the rest of us.”

Embarrassed by the national media coverage their cafeteria ban generated, Safai and Peskin backpaddled last week. Instead of an outright ban, they’ve proposed requiring cafeterias to get “conditional use” permits to operate.

Whether they use an outright ban or a punitive zoning code, Safai and Peskin are still treating hard-working adults like unruly school children in need of lunch-room monitors…

A lot of issues are making it difficult for businesses to thrive in San Francisco. Most owners blame high rents and costs of business and the traffic and parking problems. Instead of listening to their subjects, the authorities try to nibble about he edges of “what they perceive” to be an element of the problem. Unfortunately, this is not working very well.

Unlike the ill-fated in-house cafeteria ban, the Legacy Business Program has been a success. A lot of at risk businesses have been saved. This program was largely developed by a community task force team and supported by the voters through the ballot initiative program.

We suggest our City Hall representatives do a lot more listening and a more supporting their constituents’ wishes because it is the right thing to do. We don’t need to waste time at CAC meetings to be introduced to the latest scheme. We need to be a part of the task force that solves the problem. We don’t need a bandage to cover the wounds. We need protection from the damage. We need protection from the corporate takeover of our city, not an exit ticket.

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