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Marin’s state senator drafting ‘strategic’ housing bill

February 12, 2019

By Richard Halstead : marinij – excerpt

State Sen. Mike McGuire, whose district includes Marin, and Sen. Jim Beall, D-San Jose, plan to introduce a bill this month to address California’s critical shortage of workforce affordable housing while also differentiating between the needs of rural, suburban and urban communities.

Senate Bill 4 will take a strategic approach to infill, workforce affordable housing throughout California without taking a one-size-fits-all approach,” McGuire said in an interview with the Independent Journal.

“In the past,” he added, “I have had serious concerns with housing bills that are taking a one-size-fits-all approach for urban, suburban and rural communities.”…

McGuire expects a number of competing housing bills to be introduced in the next legislative session, many of which won’t differentiate between communities of different population size. Wiener has already introduced SB 50, a scaled-back version of SB 827.

“If a workforce affordable housing bill is passed by the Legislature, it will most likely be signed by Gov.-elect Gavin Newsom,” McGuire said, “which means the North Bay must be at the table negotiating on workforce affordable housing that works for everyone.”… (more)

We will carefully study SB 4 as the details are reveled. We are looking for a more balanced approach to housing and jobs, and this has some new features that could lend itself to creating a bit more of a balance.


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