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Venture capitalist spreading funding to Middle America

March 17, 2019

By Sharyn Alfonsi on 60 Minutes : cbsnews – excerpt

Billionaire Steve Case says too much venture capitalist money goes to businesses on the coasts. So he’s touring the middle of the country on a bus in search of the next big idea

For years, pundits have declared the United States has split into “two Americas”. A nation divided by politics, geography and the economy. But one tech icon believes he can help even out the playing field.

Steve Case, the man who co-founded America Online and injected the jingle “You’ve got mail!” into the American lexicon is now trying to steer venture capitalists and their money to areas they’ve typically overlooked. Mostly, small towns and cities in the middle of the country. His vehicle to do that is a $150 million dollar investment fund and a 35-foot long, bright red bus… (more)

We need to spread the wealth around the country, not hoard it in a few big tech center cities. Steve Case is spreading the capital to the Middle America to rebuild the middle class.

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