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Destination El Salvador: Newsom’s first international trip as governor is a counterpoint to Trump

March 30, 2019

By Elizabeth Aguilera : cal matters – excerpt

Gov. Gavin Newsom says he’s heading to El Salvador for his first international trip to explore the reasons Central Americans are fleeing their countries. But he’s also aware of the political symbolism of the trip, which is designed to highlight what Democrats regard as California’s more compassionate approach in sharp contrast to the Trump administration’s aversion to the waves of asylum seekers at the U.S. border.

The new governor announced his plans at a Los Angeles health clinic, surrounded by state politicians and community leaders from El Salvador and other Latin America countries. California is home to the largest group of Salvadorans outside of El Salvador, who constitute the largest group of Latino Californians after those from Mexico…

Newsom said he can envision the state establishing programs in El Salvador, and in Central America, to build trade and promote commerce. He said previous governors, including Ronald Reagan and Jerry Brown, had robust trade offices in those countries at one time, and he would like to do the same.… (more)

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