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SB 50 is Out of favor in San Francisco

April 11, 2019

Thanks to all the work many of you did to inform the Board of Supervisors that you do not support SB50, in spite of the media hype supporting it, the Board of Supervisors voted unanimously, to oppose unless amended SB50 at the Tuesday April 9, Board of Supervisors Meeting. Congratulate yourselves on doing the work and stay tuned for more actions you can take or sign up here for further notice. See below for an easy approach to stopping in committee this week.

CALL or Email the SENATE Governance & Finance Committee (SB 50 vote is on April 24.) Contacts

Use the link below to email your Opposition to SB50 with the Senate Governance and Finance Committee before April 17.  Your opposition will be recorded in the Committee Report for the Hearing on April 24th. It’s simple. You can edit the message or just send Oppose as it’s written.

Please share this message: We need 2000 emails sent to overcome the Yimby efforts. (at the last hearing, they had 1198 individuals Supporting and we had 5 Opposing – likely an issue of that committee not counting our input). The staff of this committee has committed to counting these and including them in their report.

A couple of places to go for more details on bill progresses:
Please Share this Stop SB50 Link – Click Here

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