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Fighting SB 50

April 14, 2019

Update on Next Step:

Easy Way to Contact State Legislators
State Governance and Finance Committee Hearing
Send comments by April 17th:
Option #1: Fast and Easy
The quickest way to reach the Senators on the Governance and Finance Committee by the April 17th deadline is to add your name to this mailing:
Option #2: Resend the email you’ve already written or a new email
If you have already written an email to Commissioners, Supervisors, Mayor, State Legislators or want to write one, please resend by April 17 to:
If it passes the State Senate committees and floor vote, then it goes to the Assembly.  You can let our San Francisco assemblymembers know what you think.
Assemblymember Phil Ting (415) 557-2312
Assemblymember David Chiu (415) 557-3013

Phone calls are appreciated prior to April 17:

CALL or Email the SENATE Governance & Finance Committee (SB 50 vote is on April 24.)

​Mike McGuire, Chair   (916) 651-4002 

John Moorlach, VC      (916) 651-4037 

Jim Beall                      (916) 651-4015  

Robert Hertzberg        (916) 651-4018 

Melissa Hurtado         (916) 651-4014 

Jim Nielsen                  (916) 651-4004 

Scott Wiener               (916) 651-4011 

Please share this message: We need 2000 emails sent to overcome the Yimby efforts. (at the last hearing, they had 1198 individuals Supporting and we had 5 Opposing – likely an issue of that committee not counting our input). The staff of this committee has committed to counting these and including them in their report.

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