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TV Ad Slams State Sen. Scott Wiener For Pushing Gentrification

April 16, 2019

tousinghumanright – excerpt (includes link to tv ad)

Housing Is A Human Right gentrification Scott Wiener

A TV advertisement and mailer by Housing Is A Human Right and AIDS Healthcare Foundation slam California State Sen. Scott Wiener for his trickle-down housing, pro-gentrification bill SB 50. The ad and mailer feature renowned writer and civil rights activist James Baldwin, who, in 1963, noted that “urban renewal” in San Francisco means the “removal” of the black community. SB 50 is continuing that inhumane legacy.

Baldwin said: “San Francisco is engaging… in something called urban renewal, which means moving the Negroes out. It means Negro removal…”

Baldwin was sadly prophetic. In San Francisco, the black population has dropped by more than half since 1960. Gentrification has also devastated San Francisco’s Mission District, a longtime home for the Latino community, where more than 8,000 Latino residents have been forced out in the last decade.

“SB 50 does not truly address our housing affordability crisis,” says Housing Is A Human Right Director René Christian Moya. “At its core, Wiener’s bill is trickle-down, luxury housing legislation that will exacerbate existing gentrification crises in the Bay Area and throughout California, but make billions for Big Real Estate.”.

Between 2010 and 2016, Wiener held office as a San Francisco supervisor. Rated the “most moderate, or right-leaning” politician in San Francisco by the San Francisco Public Press and UC Davis, Wiener had a track record that showed him to be “a tool of the landlords, big realtors, and special interests,” according to the San Francisco Tenants Union.… (more)

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