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New Muni Train Door Trapped Woman’s Hand, Dragged And Injured Her

April 18, 2019

By Joe Kukura : sfist – excerpt

It’s a bad day for the new Muni trains, and not in the normal way, as two separate reports uncover two different major mechanical flaws — one of which has already injured multiple people.

As longtime residents know, the introduction of new, updated equipment or routes in the Muni system often comes in five stages, not unlike the Kubler-Ross Five Stages of Grief; Step One is the initial giddiness we feel when prototypes and renderings are released. Step Two is when we learn of massive cost overruns, and Step Three is the inevitable delay of the new fleet’s rollout. At Step Four, the modern new vehicles finally arrive to great fanfare, and we are now at Step Five with the new Siemens light-rail train cars — the discovery of mechanical flaws that endanger riders and require that cars to be removed from the fleet…

This is totally separate from NBC Bay Area’s report detailing how attached double-trains were essentially detaching themselves from one another. On the very same day of the of the elderly woman incident, couplers connecting the double-trains snapped and trains were separated. The second train was just cold stranded on the tracks! Apparently it was not the first time this has happened, and in an abundance of caution, Muni is no longer running the fancy new trains as double-trains…

This all comes after the Board of Supervisors just approved $62 million to buy more of these very malfunctioning trains. Sup. Aaron Peskin told the Examiner he was “horrified to hear this,” so that $62 million more is in some degree of doubt.

And we here at SFist don’t mind pointing out that we told you that it was a bad idea to roll out this new fleet on a Friday the 13th (more)

Thankfully we still have a free press. Do we need more proof that the system is broken? This is not good news for the those who approved the fast-tracked purchase of the unpopular Siemens cars. Will use the one tool they have to curtail the SFMTA? Will the Board of Supervisors refuse to sign the SFMTA budget?

A public department that ignores the public it serves is not a well-run department. It appears the SFMTA wants speed and they riders want safety and comfort instead. The public demands better. Speed is not the answer.
Who at City hall stop this insanity? Who will admit to a coverup? Will someone finally fall on their sword and take the blame? How will SFMTA’s director and PR czar spin this one?

Will City Hall finally let the public speak for themselves and consider their wisdom? Thanks to everyone who tried to bring reason to the department that has no ears and uses its power and public funds to silence those who do speak out.

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