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More Uber and Lyft drivers are using the app to fit their schedules, but those who make it a full-time job are barely earning a livable wage

May 6, 2019

By Allana Akhtar : businessinsider – excerpt

Gig workers churn through jobs at unusually high rates, according to a new report in The Wall Street Journal.

Many ride-share drivers who use services like Uber, Lyft, Postmates, and Amazon Flex do not stick to an app for longer than a few months, The Journal reports. While service-sector jobs typically have high employee turnover rates, some gig economy startups could have turnover as high as 500% per year, compared to the fast-food industry turnover rate of 150% in 2017…

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Gig economy churn through different startups — like Uber, Lyft, Postmates, Amazon Flex, and more — is at abnormally high rates, The Wall Street Journal reports. Part of the churn could be from a tightening labor market: the US Labor Department recently found wages have grown the most for low-pay jobs, since low unemployment is forcing companies to pay more or risk losing staff to competition. Despite low unemployment and growing wages, data suggests gig workers who work full-time do not make livable wages… (more)

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